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Indian Railways Simulator Game On Auran Trainz




Apr 9, 2020 Welcome To Our Awesome India Trainz Simulator Games | Auran Trainz Simulator | Indian Railways Simulator Game On Auran Trainz - parallelrunningtrains #thelearningways #wd. Serle 1.2 Do the Trains have to be fast because we are trying to run from "India" to "London"? No, but you have to try to keep a balance of speed and load in your train journey. How to get a train to stop? Click on the stopcock, usually a red cross near the end of the platforms. This stops the train, and you will hear a beep. This may also be at the end of a platform, just be careful. How to make a train go backwards? You cannot turn a train around backwards. However, if you had made the train go forwards, you can reverse it by going up the normal steps to the top and going down to the bottom. This is done by clicking on the stopcock and the backtrack lever is by the far side of the platform. Do the people talk or do they just sit in silence? The people are silent and sit on the platform. If you get on the train they will thank you for getting them there and will say good morning to you. How to save my game? To save your game, go into your game list and click the save icon in the lower left hand corner of the game and then save it. How do you name your trains? Click on the train list, and a screen will appear showing the name of the train and the number. If you want to rename the train click on the train name to bring up the train list. Click on the train name and a window will open up where you can type in the new name. How can I see a list of all the trains? Click the train list button to bring up a train list where you can sort them by ascending or descending by train number. How can I save a picture of my trains? Click on your train list, and a screen will appear showing your current train. Click on the picture in the lower left hand corner and a new window will open up showing the picture. You can also print this picture. How do you change the background on the screen? To change the background, click on the screen background to bring up




Indian Railways Simulator Game On Auran Trainz
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